I helped develop the French version of Auris, a web app owned by the non-profit organization Linguatorium.


Auris is an adaptive foreign language pronunciation web app focusing on improving the perception of foreign sounds. It first assesses learners' sound perception difficulties before delivering personalized content and exercises to them until they have mastered the sounds.


Each learner has different strengths and challenges, as well as learning speed. Moreover, pronunciation issues in a foreign language are usually correlated with foreign sound perception issues. Some research has indicated that improving perception can help improve production of foreign sounds.


Auris adapts to each learner to train them on the specific sounds that they struggle to perceive. I used Python to first create a long list of word pairs that contain difficult French sounds. I also used Python to develop a program that automatically generates the four kinds of exercises supported by Auris to assess learners' strengths and weaknesses.



I was very pleased to succeed in developing a program that supports personalized learning. I am currently using the Python skills that I have gained through this project to develop my own language learning application.


I wish to improve my programming skills to write cleaner, more efficient code.


I wrote the whole code mentioned above on my own.

I pitched Auris at various events to try to get universities and schools to adopt it.