During my time at Classkick I was the sole UX Researcher. My main responsibilites included:

  • Conducting primary research.
  • Developing the UX Research repository and pipeline within the company.
  • Consulting secondary research whenever appropriate.
  • Product

    Classkick is an EdTech company. The product allows teachers to create assignments and to see each student working through those assignments in real time. The purpose is for teachers to be able to give feedback more effectively. The platform also supports peer collaboration.


    Project Overview


    The company needed to get a better understand of who their users were.
    Multiple stakeholders within the company wished to gain a better understanding about users' pain points, needs and goals.


  • I first conducted 8 hour-long user interviews.
  • I thematically analyzed the transcripts from those interviews to find patterns in the data.
  • I then created a survey based on the interview findings.
  • The survey results were used to assess and strengthen the validity of the interview findings (triangulation).
  • Insights Sharing

    Insights were shared in 4 ways:

  • Statistical persona and user journeys
  • Slide deck
  • Live presentation
  • Research report on Notion
  • Takeaways


    The goal of the project was successfully achieved. Users' goals and pain points clearly stood out from the data. The results were trusted by stakeholders thanks to data triangulation. Product managers found inspiration in the data to explore new potential features and prioritize ongoing projects differently to better match users' immediate needs.


    The product is used in schools, which are closed in the summer. I could therefore not use any type of field methods. I wish that I could have used field methods to avoid solely relying on users' perceptions. Nevertheless, the alternative approach I took turned out to work well while also saving time and money. Overall, it was a good tradeoff.


    I lead this project as the sole UX Researcher at the company. I worked closely with product managers, designers, the sales team and the customer support team.

    I entirely developed the research plan, interview schedule, survey, consent form and participants screener. I was also tasked with recruiting participants and processing incentives.