Two other students and I teamed up to conduct a usability study of Drops as part of the Ph.D. course EDUC 504 at Iowa State University. The results of the usability study were shared with the company.


Drops is a language learning app that is primarily designed for mobile use, although there is also a web version. The product is owned by Kahoot! and teaches primarily vocabulary to beginner learners.

Slide Deck

Project Overview


First impressions are capital. We wanted to identify potential pain points that arise when first time users engage with Drops to help the company increase their conversion rate.


We conducted a usability study made up of a short survey, several tasks for the user to go through within the app, and a follow-up interview. The entire process lasted for around 45 minutes. One team member acted as moderator while a second team member observed the sessions. We recruited a total of 5 participants.

Insights Sharing

Insights were shared in 3 ways:

  • Slide deck
  • Written report
  • Live class presentation
  • Takeaways


    We found some really interesting insights based on which we were able to offer actionable recommendations (see slide deck above).
    Through this project I gained the necessary skills and knowledge to conduct usability studies on my own, which I got the opportunity to do during my summer 22 UX Researcher internship at Classkick.


    Because this is a course project, there were limitations such as having no budget to provide incentives to participants. Because of this, we resorted to recruiting friends as participants. Most of them were applied linguists like us. This suggests that our results may have been at least partially biased, but also that they are not generalizable to the majority of Drops users.
    If I were to redo this project I would define the scope of the research more precisely and select participants carefully to answer the research question(s) with more reliable data.


    I was the group leader on this project and coordinated the team. I wrote about 75% of the written report as well as over half of the interview questions and tasks. I participated in writing the survey.

    I recruited 3 participants and acted as moderator in 2 of the 5 sessions. I observed and took notes for the other 3.

    We thematically analyzed the data as a group using Miro. We each designed a third of the slide deck and presented it in class.