A class I took as part of my Ph.D. focused on extended reality. I learned about user experience issues specific to virtual reality but I also had the opportunity to learn the basics of Unity. For the final project, a classmate and I developed a language learning video game in virtual reality from scratch.


WordScape VR is a virtual reality language learning game that was deployed to the Meta Quest 2 for testing. Learners have to complete tasks in a foreign language to get out of themed escape room environments.

Slide Deck

Project Overview


Virtual reality has recently become a hot topic in EdTech. However, there is still very little scientific research on the effects of VR on learning and learners. The question is still open as to whether VR influences learning in a different way compared to more traditional means of learning, and if so whether its impact is positive.


My classmate and I developed a language learning video game prototype with the goal of using it for scientific studies. We created everything from scratch including the storyline, gameplay, and game mechanics. We used Unity (C#) to program it.



While the game is far from complete, developing it to this level within 2 months and without any previous experience in VR nor in Unity is an achievement I am certainly proud of. The game has a lot of potential.


If I could do it all over again I do not think that I would do anything differently as I believe we did very well given the constraints. For future development, I would like to finish the level we started developing and spend more time fleshing out the storyline before continuing to code. We also need to brainstorm solutions to minimize motion sickness.


I completed about two thirds of the programming work and created the storyline.

I created the slide deck and presented my portion of the presentation in class.